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🐾【official patent】Bikenda™ Living Cell Particle Odor Surrounding Technology 100% Natural Plant Extract Pet Collar

🐾【official patent】Bikenda™ Living Cell Particle Odor Surrounding Technology 100% Natural Plant Extract Pet Collar

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  • Kills and repels fleas, ticks, flea eggs and flea larvae, plus prevents flea eggs from hatching for 7 months. Can be worn simultaneously with your dog's regular collar
  • Reflective strip reflects direct light up to 450 feet for added visibility
  • Water-resistant design won't cause loss of effectiveness if your playful pup takes a stroll in the rain
  • Fits dogs with necks that measure up to 26 inches

Pet problems, Solved here!

Every year, more than 10 million pets have suffered or are suffering from diseases such as dermatitis, ringworm, pimples, erythema, ear mites, nematodes, interdigital infections, arthritis, and more. Today, the functional collar we developed has undergone tens of thousands of tests and improvements, .More than 3 million pet owners have given satisfactory reviews, confirming that it can indeed effectively  sterilize and eliminate mites,reduce inflammation and swelling, accelerate wound healing, promote hair growth, and treat and prevent joints inflammation, reducing pet body odor.

Here is some feedback from pet owners.

"I got my puppy Puska a few months ago and he has some serious skin issues. He has a lot of ringworm and red bumps. After being introduced to this collar, I tried it. Two to three weeks After that I saw great results, his hair started to grow back. Since having it, I hardly see any lice or other nuisances now. The ringworm and black red spots on his skin are gone , he is cute again. The collar happens to be functional, and now I wear it on my Bikenda™ on my daily walks, and at night I can see him from a distance. Since having the collar, I now almost see it on him Not having any ticks or other nuisances, and he's barely shedding any more. Instead, he's getting thicker hair and Puska is getting more energetic and circling around me every day.

--Laura Miller--Seattle WA⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



"My dog was having a very difficult time. Yes, she was so playful and ran around every day. I don't know where she got the infection, her feet couldn't take it anymore, her leg joints started to have problems, and now most pet owners don't even know that dogs can get yeast infections. I didn't know that, and I've had dogs for at least 15 years. Pepe's toes had become inflamed and the joints were not moving easily, and her body would shake every time I touched there, which was very hard for me. Then, I put the collar on her every day to keep her from running around, and within a week or so, the inflammation between Pei Pei's toes was gone! The effect exceeded my expectation, her leg joints healed and now she can run around again. I am so thankful for this collar! It helped my Pepe through the toughest time."

- -Shirley R Jackson - -Brodhead WI⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐




"This is so lucky, if I hadn't seen the changes in my dog, I wouldn't have known such an amazing collar existed!". My dog always likes to play with some stray dogs outside and often gets into some sewer-type places, every time I come back I have to give him a good cleaning, but what I don't know is that this also leaves hidden dangers. I always forget to wipe the water out of his ears! All the bacteria from other dogs and those dirty places outside stayed in there, and a while back I kept seeing him pawing at his head and ears, and when I checked I saw the filth and it was gross! It was already inflamed inside. This dog collar showed up just in time. In just a week, I saw a very noticeable change, the pus inside slowly dissipated and the slimy stuff was gone. Now, he is very healthy! He doesn't itch at all anymore. I highly recommend this dog collar! It works very well!"

--Linsey J Boatright--Louisville KY⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

After tens of thousands of trials and improvements, we have developed this 100% all-natural plant-planted pet collar, which can solve all the troubles for your pets! The product uses the most advanced technology,
Our proprietary blend of natural essential oils contained in the collar is distributed through our patented SmartRelease® concept over your pet's coat and skin without becoming greasy, providing even and lasting protection.

Why Choose Us

Our pet collars are made with their own botanical essential oils. These secreted natural plant scents have a unique effect on killing bacteria, fungi, parasites, mites, etc., and at the same time regulate the endocrine system, effectively purify blood and detoxify, normalize the nutrient supply of hair follicles, accelerate hair growth, and enhance skin resistance at the same time . In this way, pets can be made less prone to allergic or inflammatory symptoms. It can also inhibit the production of leucotriene and prevent the production of lipid peroxides from causing arteriosclerosis or abnormal liver function. Help pets treat and prevent obesity.

The 100% natural plant essential oil in the product collar will surround the pet through ultra-fine molecular particles, mainly in the form of "natural plant living cells" to surround the constant temperature reaction and heal the pet's whole body. By unclogging pores and improving cell vitality, it can stimulate hair follicle cells to grow new hair. In addition, it can also play a role in removing blood stasis by improving human microcirculation, regulating body fluid, dilating blood vessels, and increasing blood flow. Pets are prone to a variety of injuries while running and playing, especially soft tissue injuries, fractures with subcutaneous hemorrhages, etc. Infrared physical therapy can make the blood absorbed as soon as possible to achieve the effect of anti-inflammation, detumescence, pain relief and spasm.

The smell produced by the plant living cell particles of the product acts on the meridian and acupuncture points of the pet's whole body by surrounding it, thereby regulating the balance of biological living cells in the pet's body, eliminating and preventing redness, swelling and folliculitis on the fragile skin. Between the toes of pets or straight-legged animals. It can increase the permeability of the cell membrane, promote blood circulation, and at the same time play a role in reducing swelling and discharging pus. It thus relieves non-acute inflammation and aids in the healing of wounds, scars, adhesions, etc.

Finally, the product is also packaged in an ultra-thin environmentally friendly aluminum foil paper bag to better prevent the essential oil from evaporating when pets are not wearing it.

    Instead of spending a lot of time and money going to the veterinary hospital, more pet owners choose another way to care for their pets. Now worldwide, more than 3 million pet owners have used our products, and more than 98.97% of these pet owners gave positive reviews.

    • No expensive examinations and treatments compared to veterinarians
    • No need for special care, saving a lot of time and effort
    • No accidents and no side effects in wearing treatment
    • Ideal for long-term preventive treatment
    • Popular with a wide range of pet owners over 300w
    • Significant results

    Julia W Nolan shares how her dog has changed with this natural botanical pet collar

    week 1

    "My dog Julius, she is so naughty and that's why she is the way she is now, she sneaks out a lot and every time she comes back dirty and with some bruises, which always makes my heart ache. I was able to guess that she was always dealing with some stray dogs and would fight, and often got into some stinky gutters, which made me very distressed. It didn't take long for what I was worried about to happen. Her skin was infectedfull of black ringworm and many red lumps, her hair was falling out, and even her ears were full of mites and started to ooze pus, plus the injuries left by fighting with other dogs on her body. Her legs and feets are badly damaged, and she had problems with her joints, and she would walk with a cramp. I saw this product on the internet, it came so timely. I'm very busy at work and I don't even have time to go to the vet. This collar helped me solve too much trouble."

    week 2

    "In just two weeks, her changes have been obvious. I can clearly see that the hair on her body is growing back quickly, the ringworm on the skin has begun to decrease, and the wound has healed, with red blisters and obvious scales. And the scaly spots are gone. Now she doesn't scratch her ears with her paws. There is no smell in her ears and no more pus. Now she can basically walk, because the inflammation between her toes is also gone. I touch her legs and feet The joints are no longer painful, maybe her arthritis has been cured. The parasites on her body are gone, and now she has a good appetite every day, and her bowel movements are normal, and she has no diarrhea or passes stringy worms.

    week 5

    "After five weeks of use, Julius is basically back as good as new. The hair on her body has almost all grown back, the problems with her feet and legs have been completely solved, she has become very energetic, she is able to eat a lot every day and has been able to run around. The skin has also become less sensitive, the body basically can not see those lice and bites of the red lumps, no sticky dirt in the ears, become very clean, after the bath can clearly see her skin has not those fungal infection brought about by the black and red spots of ringworm. Julius can't get away from this pet  collars anymore, and neither can I. The flashing effect allows me to see her from a distance, and cars can avoid it in advance, which is a lot safer. I am so grateful for this product, it helped me and Julius a lot."

     This is shared by the owner of kiki

    "I'm so thankful for this collar, if it wasn't for it, I might have lost my kiki, at first, I didn't pay much attention to it, he just scratched his face and eyes with his claws, I was so sorry, he must have been infected, I tried some medication, it barely worked, until I met this pet collar, I started to have confidence, after wearing it for only a week, he was less sensitive, he wouldn't scratch everywhere, the redness on his face also started to go down. The red lumps also began to go down, about two weeks, you can clearly see his face skin repair, and also began to grow new hair, I was so happy, about five weeks, basically recovered to almost, now this is his two months later, has been completely free of any disease, his skin ringworm and lice are gone, eating also have appetite, very energetic, before the leg The arthritis in his legs was cured and now he is jumping around! Check inside the ears, the slimy filth is also gone. It's amazing, the effect is so powerful, if I hadn't used it and seen the results, I wouldn't believe it! Now I let kiki wear this collar every day, and it's very convenient to go for walks and safer at night."

     --Dravasheri--PHOENIX AZ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 


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